When Marketing Is Silent, All Is Not Golden

Each spring, my child’s public elementary school holds an annual auction to raise money for the school and its various programs. This year, I volunteered to help solicit donations of wine from nearby wine producers and, in doing this work, an impromptu research study ensued. Granted, I might not have contacted enough producers to make […]

Want to Hire My Six-Year-Old?

Ever since my daughter was able to hold a pen, pencil, crayon, etc., she had held it in a very atypical manner. She contorts her fingers and hand in such a way that most would find uncomfortable and non-functional, but it works for her. That’s the background…now here’s the story. While some people say not […]

How to Make Every Customer Touchpoint Matter

From one industry to another, it’s becoming more and more difficult for consumers to recognize any real and/or discernible difference between one product/service and another. Maybe technology and digitization plays a large role in this but, regardless, the mass commoditization of product/service is here and few companies are immune to it. Not because they have […]

The Role of Tablets In Retail Sales & Marketing

Recently, an article appeared on iMedia Connection that caught my attention. The article  talked about tablets, and how they could be used by retailers to revolutionize the in-store shopping experience. While I agree the retail industry could make better use of technology, there are some points in the article on which I wanted to comment […]

Banks and Mobile, What’s Missing?

Read most any financial services news publication and or website and chances are you’ll come across an article about mobile banking (i.e., payments, lending, deposits, currency exchange, wallets, etc.). But go to a major bank’s corporate website and the utterance of mobile banking is virtually nonexistent. Why? When I had the need to visit the […]

SmartLabel – A New QR Code Initiative

Recently, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), the nation’s largest lobbying group for the consumer product goods industry, has launched a new QR code-based food labeling platform called SmartLabel. SmartLabel QR codes will be placed on food and non-food packages and, when scanned, they will provide consumers with a myriad of product information that currently cannot […]

Day Late and Dollar Short…Why This Matters to the Customer Experience

Dear Rowenta Customer Service, Three business days ago, I wrote to your company, via a customer service form found on your website, about a problem I was having with a recently purchased product. The email confirmation I received from your company said: “Dear Mr Marquis, We have received your request for assistance under reference number 151102-XXXXX. You will receive […]

What You Need to Know About Building Consumer Trust

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with a prominent figure in the FinTech industry and, as we spoke about a variety of issues affecting the FinTech start-ups, one term was mentioned that really resonated with me: consumer trust. The term struck me, because knowing how important consumer trust is to most any company, I […]

QR Code Case Study: UNTUCKit

Over the past several years, a lot has been written on the subject of QR codes, and how people view them as either a help or hindrance to a brand’s advertising/promotional efforts and or strategies. Besides the obvious, which is that the technology enables brands to transport consumers from the printed/physical world to the digital […]

The Customer Experience is Marketing

Today, an interesting article was posted on MarketingProfs.com titled, “Why Brands Should Sweat The Small Stuff Of Customer Experience.” In the article, the author, Paige O’Neill, talks about how companies need to pay greater attention to the customer experience, and what they can do to restore a customer’s faith and belief in the company, and […]

Marketing Kept Simple

Recently, Click Z published an article by Bryan Eisenberg titled, “Increase the Persuasive Momentum of Your Conversion Funnels,” and the question I have to ask Mr. Eisenberg after reading the article is, why do you go to such great lengths to explain an aspect of marketing and sales when, in reality, it can be summarized […]