QR Barcodes on Google Favorites

Google has identified over 100,000 businesses in 5,000 towns and cities across the U.S. as “Favorite Places on Google” based on Google users’ interaction and local business listings. Each business will receive a window decal (see right) with a unique QR barcode that can be scanned with a mobile phone and will bring a viewer […]

Use and Advantages of Barcodes

What do bar codes offer that other mobile media don’t?A simpler and more convenient user experience, and the optimal blend between ubiquity and personalization. You do not have to open your mobile browser, type in a URL or search for content you want. With just a click of your camera you are taken to the […]

Revolutionizing the Retail Store

Marketing to the active shopper by revolutionizing the retail store environment is paramount in the minds of marketers who use a retail setting to sell their products. Now with the simple interaction of the mobile phone and product packaging, marketers can provide information and consumer interaction at the store shelf, often persuading a purchase, increasing […]