Detroit Red Wings Make Game Programs Interactive With QR Codes

The Detroit Red Wings, one of the National Hockey League’s oldest teams, is also one of the League’s first teams to make their in-arena distributed programs interactive by adding QR barcodes (see below).

When the QR barcode is scanned with a mobile phone, Red Wing fans will be instantly shown a video, which features the body-checking skills of Niklas Kronwall, one of the team’s defensemen. To help fans understand the interactive technology of QR barcodes, the team has produced an instructional video that is played throughout a game on the large viewing screens in the arena.

The Red Wings’ Social Networking Coordinator Nicole Yelland says, “In tracking this effort, the Wings have found mobile devices to be the #1 viewing medium fans are using to see videos accounting for an overwhelming 22% of fans viewing linked videos nearly 2,000 times all the way through. We’re very excited at the possibilities this technology provides our team in giving more access and we’ve only just begun to tap into the capabilities it provides us in both marketing to our fans and giving them exactly what they are asking for in terms of access to their team.

Moving forward, we’re looking to create exclusive video content that is complimentary to stories included in the magazine, create opportunities for our advertisers to include offers in their ads via QR codes and put our fans in the driver’s seat when it comes to giving them information on the Detroit Red Wings.”

What is worthwhile to note in this story is that QR barcodes can easily be tracked and measured, and there is almost no limit as to how QR barcodes can be used to enhance the fan/customer experience. From a different perspective, if you visit the Red Wings website, you’ll notice that AT&T is one the team’s main sponsors, which makes perfect sense given the team’s interactive/mobile marketing and communications strategy.


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