2D Barcodes on Resumes

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever and job seekers need to be as creative as possible in their search for a new position in order to distinguish themselves from other candidates. To help job seekers accomplish this, many career experts and coaches suggest, among other things, to create and promote a personal brand, write a blog, be active in social media and to write a resume that specifically mentions the value that a candidate can bring to a company, as opposed to just listing prior work experience.

To focus on the last item, what if a job seeker were to place a QR barcode on his or her resume and have this code link to their personal blog or website, LinkedIn page or Facebook page, for example, where the recruiter can then read and learn that much more about a candidate. Would this tactic be a turn-off to a recruiter and viewed as being too gimmicky, or would it be viewed as something that is substantially different and worth taking note of?

In my opinion, I believe a barcode could be helpful, because 1) the symbol itself stands out on a resume and a recruiter can’t help but stop and take notice, and 2) the symbol illustrates to a recruiter that this candidate is knowledgeable of the latest tools, applications and strategies that are being used in the business world , especially marketing, to promote products/services, generate word-of-mouth and enhance the customer experience. Of course, there will be those human resource/recruiting traditionalists who can only see and understand a resume in its standard one dimensional format, but then there may be those non-traditionalists who do not mind the extra few moments it may take to snap a picture of the barcode and follow the link to a web page to learn more.

As QR and Data Matrix barcodes start to enter our everyday lives and become more mainstream in their use and acceptance, I suppose the question is why not now when it comes to placing them on a resume. 

What are your thoughts, do QR or Data Martix barcodes belong on resumes?


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