Agency Focused on QR Barcodes

QRe8, a new Toronto-based full service advertising agency that specializes on QR code strategy and execution, claims to be the world’s first agency that truly connects high tech and high touch.

With clients including Costco, Dove, Unilever, Kraft Foods, Royal Ontario Museum and Safeway, QRe8’s services include QR barcode strategy, campaign management, real-time campaign reporting, custom and branded QR barcode design and mobile touch website strategy, design and build.

To ensure the readability of the QR barcodes that QRe8 creates for its clients, a potential problem for any agency or company wishing to use QR barcodes, the agency generates their barcodes using open platform code and tests their barcodes on iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices, which they believe will dominate the market by 2011. Another service that QRe8 offers is branded barcodes, whereby the company’s brand icon is placed in the QR barcode and corporate colors can be used for the squares that make up the barcode instead of just black and white.

Do you know of any other agency that is specializing in QR barcode strategy?


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