Quebec Tourism Packages via QR Codes

Quebec’s Tourism Department launched a new magazine advertisement, which features a QR barcode, to promote summer-time travel packages to the city.

The barcode is located in the lower left hand corner of the ad and written under the code is the phrase, “See where summer can take you.” While the copy is somewhat intriguing and can be thought of as the ad’s call-to-action, no information is provided on how someone reading the ad is to make use of the barcode. In most ads that display a 2D barcode there is usually some descriptive or instructional copy explaining the barcode and how to scan it with a mobile phone.   

If the ad was created in Canada, perhaps barcodes are more readily accepted and understood by Canadian consumers then by U.S. consumers, and the creative team just made a big assumption. If the goal of using a barcode is to make print media that much more interactive then I wonder what the analytics will show and how successful the ad really turns out to be.


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