Bacardi Tags

Bacardi, one of the world’s leading makers of rum, recently launched a new two-page, full-color magazine advertisement featuring Microsoft Tags. The summer-time themed ad promotes the company’s Frozen Mixers, and Bacardi uses the Tags to direct readers to mobile videos that offer additional information on how to make Frozen Mixer drinks, how to invite guests […]

Travel with Tags

Conde Nast Traveller does an excellent job making use of Microsoft Tags in the July issue of their magazine. In the “Go Mobile” section of the magazine’s “Online” page (see below), there is displayed a Microsoft Tag Snap It icon, as well as descriptive copy, which explains what a Tag is, where and how to […]

QR Codes & Trade Shows

interlinkONE, a Massachusetts-based software company, shows us how QR codes can be effectively used at a trade show. Earlier this year, while exhibiting at the Dscoop convention in Dallas, interlinkONE used QR codes in a couple of unique ways, all of which were focused on driving attendees to the company’s booth. As attendees walked into […]

QR Code at Rochester Jazz Festival

At this year’s Rochester Jazz Festival, attendees were able to scan a QR code “smart” poster to help them learn about each day’s activities and performances. Below the “Scan This Code” headline, information was provided to tell attendees how to scan the code, where to download a reader app if needed and what the code […]

2D Barcode Best Practices

As more and more companies learn about 2D barcodes, and look to integrate them into their promotional campaigns and marketing collateral, perhaps a list of best practices might be helpful. Please comment if you know of any others or can make any suggestions to those listed below. Design: When designing an advertisement, the 2D barcode […]

Interview with TAPPINN

This monring, I had an opportunity to meet with Nick Ford, Head of Marketing at TAPPINN. TAPPINN has created one of the first full-service web platforms, which can generate, manage and analyze QR barcodes, as well as develop mobile web sites. Here’s our discussion: RM: Nick, your background is in traditional commercial printing. How did […]

Ford Ad with MS Tags

This advertisement for Ford’s new in-car connectivity system, called SYNC, was spotted in the latest edition of WIRED. In the lower left hand corner of the ad is a Microsoft Tag. Because the SYNC system is powered by Microsoft, it makes perfect sense that Ford would use a Tag as the 2D barcode for the […]


SPX, a multi-industry, Fortune 500 company, has launched a new print advertisement, which features a branded QR code. This particular ad was spotted in this week’s Bloomberg Businessweek magazine. Located in the upper right hand corner of the ad, the QR code that SPX has created is branded with a green “X” in the center […]

Microsoft Tags on the Fairway

In this month’s issue of Golf magazine, there are three advertisements from golf equipment company TaylorMade, which feature Microsoft Tags. Two full-spread ads promote the new ball that TaylorMade has developed, and the one-page ad promotes the company’s new irons. All three ads feature Microsoft Tags in the lower left or right hand corner of […]

Mercedes-Benz Dealership uses QR Codes

Mercedes-Benz Oakville, a car dealership located in Ontario, Canada, has started to use QR codes in yet another way. The company has built a web page that lists the dealership’s sales team and parts representatives, and next to each person’s name and picture is a QR code. By scanning the code, customers will be given […]

QR Codes in Centre Court

For the past three years, British bank HSBC has been an official sponsor of Wimbleton and, this year, the bank plans to go all out to build awareness and raise interest among New Yorkers for this classic tennis tournament and venue. Starting June 14, HSBC will run a series of magazine and billboard ads that […]

QR Codes now in Libraries

University of California – Berkley’s library web catalog, also known as Oskicat, has recently started to use QR codes to help students and researchers locate books and other documents online. In the lower right hand section of a catalog page you will see a QR code. When scanned, the code will give you a general […]

Wine Label QR Codes

Quevedo, a Portuguese winery known for its Port, is one of a handful of wineries around the world to make use of 2D barcode technology. In January 2009, the company saw 2D barcodes as a means to differentiate itself among other wineries and, more specifically, to help their labels stand out on retail store shelves. […]