Wine Label QR Codes

Quevedo, a Portuguese winery known for its Port, is one of a handful of wineries around the world to make use of 2D barcode technology. In January 2009, the company saw 2D barcodes as a means to differentiate itself among other wineries and, more specifically, to help their labels stand out on retail store shelves.

When the QR code is scanned, consumers are directed to a website called Adegga, which is a social wine discovery service. Among their service offerings, Adegga helps wine lovers and aficionados organize their home wine cellars, make wish lists and keep track of wines that are tasted. For other wineries that have started to use 2D barcodes, the codes provide information such as the type of grapes used in the wine, how best to store the bottle, what foods to serve the wine with and what flavors to notice when tasting.

As you look at the QR code on the back label, you’ll notice that there is no explanation or set of instructions to go along with the code. Is this a mistake? Probably not given the fact that the wines are bottled in Portugal and most consumers in that country, as well as throughout Europe, are already very familiar 2D barcodes and how to scan/read them.

From a 2d barcode and global marketing best practice perspective, and to generate the greatest results from using these codes, companies that conduct business internationally like Quevedo should consider the fact that when marketing product here in the U.S., consumers, as well as retailers, are still very much unaware of 2d barcode technology, so it would be helpful to include some sort of instructions or brief explanation next to the code. Companies should not assume that all consumers, regardless of location, know what to do when presented with a 2d barcode.


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