Mercedes-Benz Dealership uses QR Codes

Mercedes-Benz Oakville, a car dealership located in Ontario, Canada, has started to use QR codes in yet another way. The company has built a web page that lists the dealership’s sales team and parts representatives, and next to each person’s name and picture is a QR code. By scanning the code, customers will be given the sales or parts representative’s name, email address, web address and phone number, which can then be easily stored in a customer’s smartphone.

While Mercedes-Benz Oakville does a nice job creating this page and explaining to customers what the QR codes are all about, there are a few things I find puzzling. First, I have no idea how customers are supposed to find and navigate to this QR code page off the home page, or any other page for that matter. Nothing seems to link to it. Am I missing something? Second, there are other pages on the site which list employee names and numbers, etc., but on these pages there are no QR codes, why not? There should be consistency in how the codes are being used and displayed. Lastly, as good of a job as the dealership does to inform customers on to how and where they can download a reader for the QR codes, why don’t they make it that much easier for customers to do so. The dealership could simply have built links to the i-nigma web site or the iTunes App store.

All that aside, it is an interesting way to make use of QR codes and people have done this on business cards as well, where someone can scan a code on the business card and instantly get a person’s contact information saved to their phone.


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