QR Code at Rochester Jazz Festival

At this year’s Rochester Jazz Festival, attendees were able to scan a QR code “smart” poster to help them learn about each day’s activities and performances. Below the “Scan This Code” headline, information was provided to tell attendees how to scan the code, where to download a reader app if needed and what the code linked to. Once scanned, the attendee was brought to the Mobile Festival Guide on their mobile device.

In the center of the QR code is the event logo, which includes the logos of the Festival’s two primary sponsors Xerox and M&T Bank, and in the bottom left and right corner is reference to the company that sponsored the QR code poster itself a local medical practice.

To use a QR code in this manner (i.e., linking it to a mobile guidebook) is a great idea and to know that the Festival was able to generate sponsorship dollars from the “smart” poster indicates that branded QR codes, as well as code related signage can be seen as yet another way for companies, events, etc. to earn sponsorship revenue.


One thought on “QR Code at Rochester Jazz Festival

  1. Hi Roger, thanks for picking up on the Rochester Jazz Fest use of QR codes. We decided to do very little education as a baseline to see how the codes would do virally. I am not looking at final numbers but we had downloads in the 100's everyday with more on the weekends. The fest is 10 days so we were pleased to see the numbers going up.

    We are currently working on a couple of other implementations that are schedule oriented. Love the technology and the world it opens up for customers.

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