QR Codes & Trade Shows

interlinkONE, a Massachusetts-based software company, shows us how QR codes can be effectively used at a trade show. Earlier this year, while exhibiting at the Dscoop convention in Dallas, interlinkONE used QR codes in a couple of unique ways, all of which were focused on driving attendees to the company’s booth.

As attendees walked into the main entrance of the convention center, they were greeted with a floor decal (above left), which featured a huge QR code and instructions on how to scan the code, as well as the company’s logo and contact information. Once scanned, attendees were directed to a video, which gave reasons why they should visit the interlinkONE booth. While plenty of companies continue to use generic candy and chocolate to lure people into their booths, interlinkONE got clever and whipped up a batch of cookies that had a QR code printed on top (above right). During the trade show’s closing reception, all interlinkONE representatives wore T-shirts emblazoned with a QR code (below left). And lastly, all throughout the convention, the company gave out business cards and corporate/product brochures, which featured QR codes, as well (below right).

While it is always a challenge to attract prospects to a company’s exhibit booth, QR codes might be a tactic worth testing, as long as the item that the code is linked to (i.e., video, mobile product page, image of the booth, mobile company brochure, etc.) is highly relevant and targeted to the trade show attendees. Another nice feature of using QR codes is that they are very easy to track and measure, so determining ROI should be simple.


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