Travel with Tags

Conde Nast Traveller does an excellent job making use of Microsoft Tags in the July issue of their magazine.

In the “Go Mobile” section of the magazine’s “Online” page (see below), there is displayed a Microsoft Tag Snap It icon, as well as descriptive copy, which explains what a Tag is, where and how to download a Tag reader app and where the reader of the magazine will be directed once the Tag is scanned. From a best practice perspective, this is exactly what a company should do in order to get consumers familiar and comfortable with Tags, as well as any other 2D barcode. In the descriptive copy next to the Snap It icon, readers are prompted to look for Snap It icons throughout the magazine which, when scanned, will allow the reader to view additional information about the subject being covered in the associated article.

To the right of the descriptive copy and Snap It icon there is another Tag which, when scanned, offers readers a special 12-month subscription rate to the magazine. Similar to the way a retailer might offer mobile coupons through a barcode, this is the way the magazine’s publisher offers a product discount. Clever.

The page below illustrates where the Snap It icon and Tag can be found within the magazine’s pages (see upper right hand corner) and, in this instance, should the reader scan the Tag they would be linked to a video about Shanghai’s street-food scene.

While it may appear as though Conde Nast is simply using the Tags to promote a subscription discount and offer additional subject matter inforamtion, what they are really doing is enhancing the overall customer experience which, after all, should be the goal of most any organization.


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