Miss Me QR Code

Miss Me, a Los Angeles-based women’s clothing company, launched a new advertisement in this month’s issue of Lucky magazine, which features a QR code (see bottom half of image below). With no other text than the headline question, “Do You Miss Me?”, and the step-by-step instructions which explain the code, where and how to download […]

Leading Golf Publication uses JAGTAG

To promote the 17th Annual Cancer for College Golf Classic, Golf Magazine has launched a new print advertisement, which features a JAGTAG barcode. Scanning the code brings the reader to a video, which features actor/comedian Will Ferrell and, from there, the reader can go to a contest entry form, the winner of which gets to […]


The NYSE Euronext’s new advertising campaign, which promotes their exchange listing/member service, features a JAGTAG barcode but, after following the ad’s instructions, I am unable to listen to the information they wish for me to hear. After scanning the JAGTAG with my phone and texting the image to the number provided, a few seconds later, […]

Best Buy Window Displays

Did you know that Best Buy now sells electric bicycles? I didn’t, until this morning, when I walked past a Best Buy store here in Manhattan and saw a series of large window posters promoting the bicycle. The posters had a picture of the bicycle and some headline copy, nothing more, nothing less. Question: For […]

Po-Boys and Tags

In today’s The New York Times, the city of New Orleans ran a full-page advertisement to promote the city’s food, music and events, as well as travel deals. The ad features a Microsoft Tag, which is branded with the same fleur-de-lis icon that is also used in the campaign logo (“It’s New Orleans – You’re […]

A Positive for 2D Barcodes

Because I would like to believe that there is some truth in advertising, I thought it was worth mentioning a campaign that I have recently seen, and how I believe this is a positive for the 2D barcode marketplace. The campaign is entitled “Magazines, The Power of Print” and it was developed by five major […]

2D Barcode Icons

As the Internet has evolved over the past 10-20 years, so too has the use and sophistication of icons. Not formal brand icons or corporate logos, but more simplified icons like the ones below, which have come to represent a particular website or software application. Within the 2D barcode space, I have seen icons being […]

New York Magazine’s QR Code

In this week’s issue of New York Magazine, there is an in-house advertisement featuring a QR code. The advertisement promotes an Android-based app, which enables readers to access popular nymag.com blogs directly on their mobile phone. Two items worth noting about this ad, one good, one bad. Good: the ad clearly explains that the blog […]

Generic vs. Branded 2D Barcodes

Big or small, new or old, companies invest a great deal of time, money and resources into the creation and management of a brand identity. So why, when a company uses a 2D barcode in their advertising or marketing collateral, does it choose a generic barcode, as opposed to a branded one? For reference: a […]

Brooks Runs with JAGTAG

Running shoe company, Brooks, has recently rolled out an in-store campaign to support the launch of their new running shoe, the Ghost 3. Featured in the campaign is a 2D barcode supplied by JAGTAG. From July 1 – August 31, the JAGTAG code will be included in store posters, table tents, shoe talkers and on […]

NY Isles to use QR Codes

The New York Islanders are now the second National Hockey League team of which I am aware to make use of QR codes for marketing and promotional purposes (the Detroit Red Wings is the first). According to a recent press release, as the 2010-2011 season begins, the Islanders will display QR codes in print ads, […]

Micosoft Tags in Islands Magazine

The other day, I wrote about an advertiser in Islands magazine who used Microsoft Tags to promote a vacation contest. Now, I come to notice that the magazine itself is using Tags. The page below, which promotes discounted summer vacation packages, can be found towards the back of this month’s issue, and it provides readers […]

Microsoft Tags in Food & Wine

Microsoft Tags can be found in this month’s Food and Wine magazine, but their use is more for editorial purposes than outright advertising. On the front cover and in the “Best New Chefs” section of the magazine, Tags are displayed along with a caption, which prompts readers to scan the Tag to view videos about […]