Love It? Tag It

W magazine has created a new promotional campaign called “Love It? Tag It,” which features Microsoft Tags.

In this month’s issue, we find the double-page spread shown below. On the left hand page (see top), a description is given to explain what a Tag is and where and how to download a Tag reader app. Then an explanation of the magazine’s sweepstakes is provided and how, by scanning the Tag in the ad, a reader can then input their contact information and be entered into the contest. In addition, readers are prompted to scan as many Tags as they can find in the magazine, because it will increase their chance of winning the grand prize, a $500 American Express gift card.  

On the right hand page (see bottom), there are three mini ads from Estee Lauder, Hugo Boss and St. Regis, respectively, each of which features a Tag as well. By scanning these Tags, readers are able to view exclusive videos and receive special discounts and offers.

W has clearly thought out the details of this campaign from contest name to ad page layout, and it would be interesting to learn the results. In addition, this campaign is an excellent example of how companies need to spend the time, and the ad page real estate, to educate consumers about 2D barcodes, because without this education the process of consumer adoption will be that much slower.


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