2D Barcode Solution for Real Estate Agents

Clikbrix is a newly formed Toronto-based company that focuses on providing 2D barcode and mobile website solutions for the real estate industry.

From creating a professional profile page (desktop and mobile) and corresponding QR code to developing detailed property listing pages to reporting metrics, Clikbrix offers this turn-key service to real estate agents for a flat monthly fee of $49.00. Real estate professionals working with Clikbrix can use the QR code on property signage, business cards and letterhead, as well as in local newspaper, phone book or billboard advertisements. Additionally, real estate agencies can “private label” the Clikbrix platform, so that the agency’s name and logo appear on web and mobile pages, as opposed to the Clikbrix brand.

Founded by Erik Goldhar and Ted Geatros, Clikbrix is somewhat unique in the sense that no other 2D barcocde company that I am aware of has specifically set out to develop an end-to-end solution around a particular industry. Typically, we see 2D barcodes being used on a product-by-product basis.

For individuals interested in buying a property (and who have a smart phone), all they have to do is scan a QR code to learn more about the listing and the real estate agent brokering the property. Can it get any simpler? For real estate professionals, a service like this can be used not only as a sales tool, but also a differentiating tactic when marketing in the local community. 

The one catch to all of this, and I have mentioned this in other posts, is that real estate agents must not assume that property buyers will recognize a QR code at first glance and know what to do with it. Thinking the strategy through, however, Clikbrix has developed “For Sale” stickers, which provide key QR code information and instructions that real estate agents can purchase for a nominal fee and use on property signs. When a QR code is used in/on other mediums (e.g., print ads, business cards, letterhead, etc.), real estate agents should/must address the need to inform and educate consumers about the codes and this may be a challenge depending on the space that’s available with any given medium.


One thought on “2D Barcode Solution for Real Estate Agents

  1. Erik …

    Clikbrix is a brilliant marketing service for Realtors. Congratulations and best wishes!

    Realtors should be beating down your doors to be first in line (who will also benefit from the likely traditional media coverage and buzz for the use of new technology.)

    Congrats again and best wishes on a new “must have” real estate marketing solution.

    Dan Smigrod

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