Time Magazine uses QR Code

Time magazine is currently running this advertisement for its new Android app. Pretty straightforward advertisement, that is, until the reader tries to make good on the QR code. Time does a fine job informing the reader where to locate and download the app itself but, for some reason, the company does not feel the need […]

2D Barcode Test in Albany

On Tuesday, The New York Times published an article about a QR code test campaign that is currently taking place in Albany, New York’s transit system. The test is being conducted for the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) by Lamar Advertising Company, one of the country’s largest outdoor advertising businesses. The goal of the test […]

2D Barcodes for B2B

In reading this blog, a person may walk away believing that 2D barcodes are only to be used in business-to-consumer (B2C) campaigns and settings but, in reality, they can also serve the business-to-business (B2B) world. Whether the call to action and scan resolve leads to an industry research paper, media kit, request for proposal, contact […]

Love This QR Code Campaign

Pure value. That’s what Colorado-based FirstBank is offering on a set of QR code-based billboards, which are located throughout the Denver International Airport. These billboards are part of the bank’s ongoing “helpfulness” campaign and they fit in perfectly. Instead of travelers having to buy a book, newspaper, puzzles, etc. to keep themselves busy while on […]

New Lifetime Series uses JAGTAG

Cable television station, Lifetime, is now running this campaign to promote its latest series “The Fairy Jobmother.” This billboard advertisement was spotted on a New York City bus shelter and it features a JAGTAG code. Per the instructions on the billboard, I scanned the JAGTAG code and emailed it to the address provided. A minute […]

Neiman Marcus uses QR Code

Neiman Marcus ran this half-page advertisement in The New York Times to promote its new iPhone app. The QR code in the advertisement is generated by ScanLife and, when scanned, the reader is directed to the page on the iPhone App Store where the app can be downloaded. We have seen other companies and websites […]

A Lesson from Google Goggles

A few days ago, Google formally announced Google Goggles and today, I saw a magazine advertisement for T-Mobile’s G2 mobile phone, which featured Google’s latest utility. While not a true 2D barcode, Google Goggles works on the same premise as 2D in that a consumer scans an object in the physical world and instantly they […]

DC Shoes Revisited

Just a quick update… The other day, I wrote an article about DC Shoes and how their 2D-based magazine advertisement did not work properly when scanned. In speaking with a representative from the company after my post went live, I was told that the scan did not work correctly due to a human error, which […]

Does She or Doesn’t She?

Outdoor retailer, REI, not only uses QR codes on their direct mail catalogs, but also in their magazine advertisements. This ad was spotted in a popular snow boarding magazine, and what caught my attention more than anything else was the QR code’s call to action, which asks the question, “Did she land it?” Phrasing the […]

DC Shoes’ Attempt at 2D

DC Shoes is currently running this two-page magazine advertisement, which features a Microsoft Tag. Scan the Tag and the reader can view exclusive DC Shoes content. Oh really? I guess the content must be extremely exclusive, because on the two consecutive days that I tried to scan the code, the only thing I saw was […]

Finally…Some Numbers

Yesterday, GoMoNews posted an article that reported numbers for an Allure magazine campaign conducted back in July/August, which featured Microsoft Tags. Here were the statistics/comments that were mentioned in the article: There were 38% more entries into the draws this year than last year – and thanks to the analytics built into the Microsoft Tag […]

How 2D Barcodes Save

This afternoon, I saw a billboard in the New York City subway for Capital One Bank, and it got me thinking. The billboard was promoting the bank’s checking account double rewards  program and, at the bottom of the billboard, there was listed three ways to contact the bank about the program: a URL address (www.capitalonebank.com/double), […]

REI uses QR Code

REI, the national outdoor retail co-op, is now using QR codes on the back of its direct mail catalog. When the code is scanned, it resolves to a retail store locator page, which helps to support the promotional message of “100+ Stores Nationwide.” Offering information such as this works well for a catalog, because often […]

Pushkart uses QR Codes

Yesterday, I was in a local fast food restaurant and noticed this point of sale (POS) sign, which is from a new company called Pushkart. Pushkart, which will officially launch in a few weeks, describes themselves as an easy and cost-effective way to offer customers exclusive Deals on their mobile devices and computers. When a […]

Where’s the Value?

In today’s The New York Times, I came across a full-page advertisement for Chevrolet trucks, which prominently features a QR code in the lower right hand corner. Scanning the code brings a reader to a local dealership locator page. While the use of 2D may be all well and good in this application, I ask, […]

CTIA Conference Panel Gets QR/2D Wrong

There is a story on Mobile Marketer that irks me. A Mobile Marketer reporter writes that at the CTIA Wireless Conference yesterday, a panel of experts discussed the topic “Aligning Brand Interest with Mobile Opportunity” and, during the session, panelists Mark Kaplan (GEM Strategy), Charlie Echeverry (Univision Interactive Media), Paul Reddick (Handmark) and Scott Michaels […]

New QR Code Generators

Within the past few days, a couple of new QR code generators have come on to the scene, and maybe you have heard of the companies behind them: Google and Firefox. Google’s QR code generator really starts out being a URL shortener, but through the service a person can also easily create a QR code. […]

FOX’s Fringe uses QR Code

Several weeks ago, FOX Broadcasting Company launched a new campaign called FOX Codes and, since then, I have seen several billboards, print advertisements and web pages with the codes, which are essentially QR codes. This new print advertisement promotes the FOX program “Fringe” and is one of the few co-branded 2D barcode advertisements that I […]