New IFC Series uses Microsoft Tag

The Independent Film Channel has recently placed this print advertisement in Entertainment Weekly to promote a new series called Todd Margaret. The ad features a Microsoft Tag which, when scanned, resolves to a trailer for the show; nothing more, nothing less. As seen before in similar print ads, it looks like the creative/marketing/mobile/interactive team just phoned it in.

Todd Margaret Microsoft Tag

The team at IFC must assume that anyone and everyone who reads EW already knows what a Tag is and how to scan it, let alone has a smartphone, because why else would they not include any kind of Tag descriptive copy, instructions on where to find and download a Tag reader app or URL. Worse still is that the ad, as a whole, does not have a call to action and, more specific to the Tag, here too there is no call to action.  So what is IFC really trying to accomplish and say with this ad and, more to the point, how successful will this ad be to drive viewership?

With respect to the trailer…it’s a two minute long commercial for the series, offering nothing in the way of exclusive footage, actor interviews, etc. So what’s in it for a prospective viewer? Why not try to offer something, anything, so that the reader of the ad will want to watch the program tonight and even maybe share the scan resolve experience with someone else.

This is hardly a model 2D barcode advertisement.


3 thoughts on “New IFC Series uses Microsoft Tag

  1. Thinking there should be a “How Not To” CATEGORY on this Blog that we can point people to?

    You've assembled a great collection of half-baked or uncooked QR campaigns that could/should help point others toward better practices.

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