Where’s the Value?

In today’s The New York Times, I came across a full-page advertisement for Chevrolet trucks, which prominently features a QR code in the lower right hand corner. Scanning the code brings a reader to a local dealership locator page. While the use of 2D may be all well and good in this application, I ask, where’s the added value? Where’s the enhanced customer/prospect experience?

Chevy QR Code

At a time when all things social means the world to further the reach and drive revenue for a brand, why not give prospective Chevrolet truck owners who read and interact with the advertisement something that is of great value and benefit to them and they themselves will want to share with others. Something tells me that a dealer locator is not going to spread through social circles like wild fire. But what if Chevrolet offered those that take the time to scan the code a certain dollar amount off a new car, a free set of accessories, an upgrade package or a certain dollar amount of service?  Offers like these, I believe, would get a reader to spread the word about their experience with the Chevrolet brand, as well as with the QR code.

On a strategic level, offers of true and meaningful value will not only resonate with consumers and help stir a buzz, they will also help perpetuate the positive experience consumers have when interacting with 2D technology.


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