Finally…Some Numbers

Yesterday, GoMoNews posted an article that reported numbers for an Allure magazine campaign conducted back in July/August, which featured Microsoft Tags.

Here were the statistics/comments that were mentioned in the article:

  • There were 38% more entries into the draws this year than last year – and thanks to the analytics built into the Microsoft Tag system, 28% of these entries are directly attributable to barcode scans.
  • Mobile users entered more draws than PC users – an average of 25 times per mobile entrant, and 9.4 times for PC entrants.
  • It worked out well for Allure from an advertising perspective as well, as 34% of mobile entrants opted in for more information.

Granted, not a lot of information was provided by Allure, but that’s beside the point. The real attention grabber here is that a company has finally reported something about their 2D barcode campaign. One company after another, which has launched a 2D campaign, refuses to release any kind of information, good, bad or indifferent, and what they are losing out on, in my opinion, is a public relations opportunity. With just the little bits of information given by Allure, I found a post about this story in a number of places. So, what does that tell me? It tells me that Allure gets 2D and is trying to find new ways to engage/interact with readers and provide value to advertisers. And, mind you, this story first broke back in July when the product sweepstakes was originally launched, but yet it resurfaces now.

Due to the newness of 2D barcodes in the U.S., most any kind of news revolving around a campaign (e.g., launch, response rates, promotional offer, creative design, first in industry, etc.) can provide subject matter for a newsworthy press release, which in turn stands a good enough chance of being picked up by the media watching the space.


6 thoughts on “Finally…Some Numbers

  1. While there have been reports of cumulative scans on a couple of campaigns in the past, there hasn't been the perspective that the Allure numbers provided (even though they neglected to provide cumulative numbers).

    What they did present was a clear picture that 2D engagement works. Caveat: If the campaign is properly executed.

    This also contrasts to last week's CTIA panel pronouncement of QR-2D being a “not recommend” offering to clients. How can you not recommend something, that when done well, delivers?

    As this marketing channel matures, it will need a neutral clearing house to gather and provide solid, Industry-wide metrics. But, for now, it's nice that some independent data is making it's way into the press.

  2. contentAI: Thank you for your comment. Overall, I agree, the numbers do point to something positive, but yes, it all depends on how well planned and executed a campaign is to begin with.

  3. 444,592 – they SAY it's the largest number of snaps to date. Blew away the Sports Illustrated Swim issue which received 100,000. Impressive results for sure.

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