DC Shoes’ Attempt at 2D

DC Shoes is currently running this two-page magazine advertisement, which features a Microsoft Tag. Scan the Tag and the reader can view exclusive DC Shoes content. Oh really? I guess the content must be extremely exclusive, because on the two consecutive days that I tried to scan the code, the only thing I saw was an error  message stating “page cannot be found.”

So, after an experience and interaction like this, what do you believe a prospective customer’s first impression of DC Shoes is? And, what about their first impression of using 2D technology, if in fact it was? Very poor on both fronts is my guess, and that’s a shame. Did the company’s marketing and or creative team test the Tag to ensure that it works and that the resolve page/content was ready to go live? This all smacks of the Macy’s 2D campaign a few months ago when they did not have a video ready by the time their magazine advertisement hit the newsstands.

How long will it take for DC Shoes to figure this out, if they even care at all? I plan to send an email off to the company and am curious to know the response. Will keep you posted.


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