Love This QR Code Campaign

Pure value. That’s what Colorado-based FirstBank is offering on a set of QR code-based billboards, which are located throughout the Denver International Airport.

These billboards are part of the bank’s ongoing “helpfulness” campaign and they fit in perfectly. Instead of travelers having to buy a book, newspaper, puzzles, etc. to keep themselves busy while on the go or during a layover, the bank is offering a variety of literature, games and puzzles for free. Free, what a concept.

This billboard offers books such as Moby Dick, The Art of War and Treasure Island.

1stBank QR Code Books

This billboard offers Sudoku puzzles.

1stBank QR Code Sudoku

This billboard offers crossword puzzles.

1stBank QR Code Crosswords

Each billboard has well defined instructions on how to scan and download the free content and, if a consumer does not have a smartphone, they can still access the content by going to the URL provided in the advertisement. Just a note, the bank refers people to download BeeTag’s reader app. Why this particular one I am not certain, but at least they make the effort to point consumers in the right direction.

What I love about this campaign, besides that it is so well executed, is that there is no product push. It is purely value driven, which I believe is a huge step in the right direction for a bank, let alone most any other type of company. And, what’s behind it all, 2D technology. Being able to experience and make use of 2D in this manner, where the consumer gets so much in return, only serves to help consumers get accustomed to the technology and want to seek it out in the future. Additionally, it is easy to see that 2D is the focal point of this campaign; no after thought here.

In speaking with a representative of TDA Advertising & Design, the agency that produced the campaign, he said that the campaign will most likely be extended through the holiday season into next year. During this time, the free content will change so as to keep the scans fresh. Both client and agency are extremely pleased with the results to date.


One thought on “Love This QR Code Campaign

  1. Thank you for this writeup – what a great campaign!

    Interesting that on my iPhone, I get the books as text but on Symbian/Maemo I am offered to download the books as PDF-files…great for offline reading on a plane.

    Maybe the BeeTagg reader was chosen for the campaign since it is available on most mobile platforms?

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