NY Daily News uses Microsoft Tag

This past Sunday, the New York Daily News started to make use of Microsoft Tags throughout the newspaper to add additional information and insight to various news stories. The Tag is branded and features the Daily News’ camera logo.

The section below was placed in the first few pages of the newspaper’s pullout section, and it describes, in detail, what Microsoft Tags are and how they will appear and be used throughout the newspaper. In the pullout section, about a half dozen Tags were displayed along side articles.

NY Daily News Microsoft Tag

The Tag below, was included in a story about the upcoming ING New York City Marathon and resolves to a virtual tour of the race course. Or does it? After two attempts to download and view the video, I got “cannot play video” messages each time. Is it my HTC Incredible mobile phone, or what? Between the scan resolve video from The Lion King campaign that did not work, to the scan resolve video from the Jones New York campaign that did not work and, now, to this. I have no idea what companies are doing, or not doing, to ensure that their code scan resolves actually work.

NY Daily News Microsoft Tag 1

If a video is to be used as the scan resolve, shorter versus longer should be favored. Consumers in a mobile world want and expect instantaneous connections, and videos of three, four, five plus minutes, cannot deliver in this regard. Also, at a minimum, the video resolve, as with any other type of resolve, must be tested to ensure that it works across mobile devices and operating systems.

All things aside, the Daily News‘ idea/tactic of providing information and insight of additional value via the 2D code is spot on. The use of 2D codes need not always be product focused; value goes a long way in the eyes and minds of consumers.

While I did not pick up a Daily News since Sunday, I am not certain how often and how many Tags the newspaper plans to use from day to day or week to week. To me, it would only make sense to run the Tags for several weeks to determine reader acceptance and use.

Lastly, the Daily News is only one of many newspapers across the country making use of 2D technology, which is interesting to note, as newspapers have often been viewed as being less tech savvy and forward thinking than other types of consumer publications.


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