OnStar uses QR Code

OnStar, the in-vehicle safety, security and communication service company, has launched this two-page magazine advertisement to promote its new MyLink app. The QR Code featured in the advertisement resolves to a video, which is the same video found on the company’s website (read reused content). Although not overly long at 1.12 minutes, I did experience some buffering issues on my phone and was never able to cleanly view the entire video.

OnStar QR Code

After reading the advertisement and watching the scan resolve, I am at a loss to understand who’s the target audience for the campaign: existing customers, prospective customers or both. If the app is only available for “select” 2011 year car models then it seems as though the target audience would be owners of those select 2011 models. If the target audience is prospective owners then I do not believe a video such as this, or even an app such as this, will do much to motivate the purchase of vehicles that cost north of $15K and a subscription-based service that has an annual cost of $200 plus. So, which is it?

OnStar QR Code

Above and beyond the question of target audience, why doesn’t OnStar go further and tie the campaign in with the actual purchase of a select 2011 vehicle or the OnStar service itself? Meaning, at the end of the video, why not bring the consumer to the General Motors (mobile) website, or the OnStar (mobile) website, or a (mobile) micro site which represents both companies and their respective products. Why not offer any kind of product or service discount?

Too often, I see video code resolves that link to nothing and, in my opinion, an opportunity is lost. Not always an opportunity to sell but, at a minimum, an opportunity to enhance the customer experience or share the experience.


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