Bergdorf Goodman uses ezCode

Bergdorf Goodman has launched a magazine advertisement using a ScanLife ezCode. Although it looks similar to a QR Code, ezCode is a proprietary 2D barcode developed and owned by ScanLife. When the code is scanned, it resolves to a mobile website, which is the company’s Holiday Gift Finder. (To scan the code, a consumer must have the ScanLife reader installed on their smartphone.)

Bergdorf Goodman ezCode

Overall, the campaign is nicely done and well executed, and there are two aspects of this promotion that I would like to comment on.

First, there is no interruption to the shopping experience or purchase decision process, once the consumer lands on the mobile website. After a consumer reads about a product and selects it for purchase, they can do so either via their mobile device or by calling the 1-800 number provided on the mobile site. Perfect.

Bergdorf Goodman ezCode

Second, the campaign is well designed and aesthetically very pleasing, even with the black and white ezCode. From time to time, I hear people commenting on the way 2D barcodes take away from the overall creative or design of an advertisement, but to look at an execution such as this I simply have to disagree. Bergdorf’s creative team did a great job setting the code’s size and placement (i.e., lower right hand corner on a right hand magazine page), as well as the descriptive copy accompanying the code (i.e., bold lettering for first word or two, then regular type for the remainder). All it takes is some time and effort, as opposed to reusing existing creative content or plugging a code in or on at the last minute.

Nice job.


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