Who’s Who in the World of 2D Barcodes

Over the past year, 2D barcodes have become more and more popular, in the U.S. and abroad, as a means for advertisers to engage, interact and connect with consumers. Recognizing this growing trend, Warbasse Designs, a Santa Monica-based interactive media company known for its work on integrated media campaigns for HBO’s True Blood, Iron Man 2 and most recently TRON Legacy, has set out to create and publish the first directory of its kind to focus on the 2D barcode industry.

The directory, officially titled “Who’s Who in the World of 2D Barcodes,” has been created to serve as a free resource to users and is available in on-line and mobile versions (see image below). The directory lists companies/individuals (domestic and international) and categorizes them as printers, ad agencies, bloggers, interactive agencies, code reader and generators, professional services, hosting and retailers. Each listing features a brief description of the company/individual, category, geographic location, phone number and links to the company/individual’s Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter page, as appropriate. In addition, there is a direct link to each company/individual’s mobile landing page and this is done via a QR Code. Click on the blue QR Code icon and a live QR Code will appear on screen. From there, a reader can either click or scan the live code and be taken to the company/individual’s mobile landing page within the directory.

To keep content integrity high, Warbasse Design charges a nominal fee for being listed in the directory ($49 per year and $35 on renewal), and will update listings every 1-3 business days. Additionally, Warbasse Design offers advertising space in the directory, as well as on a limited-edition, full-color promotional poster that is being developed. The poster, which measures 36″ x 48″, will be divided up into 124 3″ x 4″ blocks, where each block is a space for advertising. Prices for any and all types of advertising are listed on the website.

Warbasse Design will promote the directory virally, through press releases, banner ads, member link backs and Ad Words.

As the 2D barcode industry continues to grow and take shape, a one-stop directory of this nature will become a vital resource and guide. Frankly, I wish I had thought of it.


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