Lion Nathan Wine Group uses QR Codes

Lion Nathan Wine Group, owner and importer of fine wines from around the world, recently launched a new QR Code-based proprietary marketing program called Cellar Key.

The Cellar Key program includes five wine brands (Argyle, St. Hallett, Wither Hills, Argento, Petaluma) and more than 20 wines, and consists of various pieces of marketing collateral, all geared towards promoting the wines, and all geared towards the use of QR Codes. 

On the Cellar Key website, a wine retailer can go to the Trade and Media page to download and print files of the QR Code image, the bottle image, the label image, the brand logo, a bumper card and a shelf talker card. All very simple and easy to do.

When one of the wine QR Codes is scanned, regardless of which piece of collateral the code is displayed on, the consumer is brought to a very nicely designed mobile website. Once on the site, the consumer can access the following information: wine color, wine aromas, wine flavors and wine production statistics (e.g., varietals, vineyard name, alcohol content, brix, cases produced, etc.). Additionally, there are buttons to touch for pairing the wine with food, exploring other wines in the brand and sharing the wine with others. Other interesting features of the mobile site are harvest notes and wine reviews. And, lastly, there is a video about the wine. 

The one downfall I see about this program is, what about the non-smartphone user? Where are they left in the mix? It does not appear as though they have a way of accessing all of the great information being offered once they find one of the wines in the local wine shop.

Overall, Lion Nathan Wine Group has done an excellent job thinking this marketing program through from start to finish. Not only from the wine retailer’s perspective, but from the consumer’s perspective, as well. A lot of valuable information offered here and that’s what consumers want and enjoy sharing.

Lastly, as mentioned in the press release about the program, it appears as though Lion Nathan partnered with ScanLife to, I assume, generate the codes and provide analytics.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: PASS


2 thoughts on “Lion Nathan Wine Group uses QR Codes

  1. Howdy,

    Have you heard anything more about results from these wineries …?
    [Especially Lion Nathan Wine Group I guess …?]

    I'd love to get more information about the success of these initiatives.

    I know a lot of wineries out there are showing “additional information” – like YouTube videos, Tasting Notes etc – using QR Codes on wine bottles.

    We've got a very different approach though, where we instead use them as 'harvesters' [of information] to initiate DTC, which is why I'd be very interested in knowing more about the success ratio of the 'others' out there … 🙂

    Our “QR Code Harvester” –

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