Terramar Offers a Free Gift via QR Code

Terramar, a leader in outdoor lifestyle apparel, has launched a new out of home campaign, which features a QR Code. A number of items to discuss about this campaign.

First, I love the headline, which reads, “The Secret Is What’s Underneath.” Not only does this play off of the undergarment products that the company sells, but also the “secret” underneath or behind the QR Code. A bit of stretch, perhaps, but clever nonetheless.

Second, great idea to offer a free gift (a poster) upon scanning the code. When the code is scanned, the reader is brought to a page which asks for an email address. Once the email is entered, the reader is told that a gift will be mailed to them and they are then asked to supply address information. Offering a free poster, or anything of the sort, is pure value add and serves to enhance the overall customer experience.

Third, the placement of the QR Code is front and center and large enough not to miss. It seems as though this advertisement was clearly developed with a 2D barcode in mind.

Fourth, and here’s where my comments get a bit more critical, why no easy way to find a link to the company’s website once the address information is taken? Yes, the reader can get to the company’s website by touching the logo which appears at the top of the screen, but it could have been a bit more intuitive. Also, why a regular website, as opposed to a mobile website? With a mobile website, the company might have been able to steer readers more effectively to specific product pages, technical information, local retailers, etc.

Fifth, why no information on where to find a code reader app? Might this help those not familiar with barcodes? I believe companies skip this step, because they do not want to select or be associated with a third party’s product/app. There is a way around this, but it could be costly.

Sixth, although a non-smart phone user can order the free gift by going to the company’s website, the advertisement really does not read this way or make it known in some form of footnote or sub-head.

Looking past a couple of missteps, I believe this advertisement passes the litmus test in that it offers value and tries to enhance a customer’s experience. And besides, there is a creative element that many 2D barcode advertisers don’t even attempt to make.

P.S. Too bad about the spelling mistake on the advertisement…”weearing”?
2D Barcode Litmus Test: PASS


2 thoughts on “Terramar Offers a Free Gift via QR Code

  1. Thank you very much for picking up on Terramar's phone kiosk ad and for your candid and constructive feedback. We appreciate your comments and have already made modifications (including correcting our spelling mistake!) that will appear on the next go-around. Keep up the good work! Jeff@brandaxion.com.
    BrandAxion is Terramar's marketing and advertising agency.

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