Ekornes uses Microsoft Tag

Ekornes ASA, Scandinavia’s largest furniture manufacturer, has launched a new print advertisement to promote its Stressless® brand of reclining chairs. The advertisement features a Microsoft Tag which, when scanned, brings the reader to a mobile website. Hurray! But let’s not get over excited.

Ekornes Microsoft Tag

When the reader gets to the mobile site, they are given three choices to touch on: Current Specials, Dealer Locator and Stressless®TV. On the Current Specials page, there is an offer for a free fabric upgrade with the purchase of Stressless® brand furniture, but there is no link to a Stressless® furniture product page. Why not? On the Dealer Locator page, the reader is actually taken to the dealer locator page on the company’s regular website. Why? If the company has already built a mobile site, why not include a dealer locator mobile page? On the Stressless®TV page, the reader is brought to a 30-second YouTube video, which took about three or four attempts until it finally played. At the end of the video, the reader is left standing with no prompt to a product page. Why not?

Ekornes Microsoft Tag

With respect to the advertisement, it was nicely presented, but I noticed one major flaw, there is no call to action? Or, is there? Does Ekornes, like many other companies that choose to use 2D barcodes, view the Tag itself as the call to action? Why not make the free leather upgrade as the call to action? 

Looking at the campaign as a whole, it seems as though there a number of missed opportunities. Here are a couple of more examples. On the company’s regular website, there is another promotion taking place, this one offering $200 off the price of an item when the customer donates $50 to a recognized charity. Why no mention of this on the scan resolve? Is the company trying to keep it a secret? Also, the advertisement states that the company is celebrating its 40th anniversary, but here too no mention in the scan resolve. Why not have some information about the company’s history, or what makes them so great, etc.?  

Overall, not a lot of value or an enhanced experience being offered by the company through the advertisement or the code scan, and it seems as though a number of opportunities to really interact and engage with the prospect were missed. Knowing that the advertisement was placed in Architectural Digest (i.e., not an inexpensive placement), I wonder if Ekornes’ goals and ROI will be met.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL


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