Frito-Lay uses QR Code

Food snack manufacturer, Frito-Lay, has launched a new print campaign, which features a QR Code. This is one of only a few food companies that I have seen make use of 2D technology in an advertisement.

FritoLay QR code

Upon scanning the QR Code, the reader of the ad is brought to a very simple mobile website. On the site, there is a choice to either view a video or view a featured recipe. Touching on the video button, the reader is shown a 30-second video, which talks about Frito-Lay’s mission of delivering all natural food products. The video is embedded in the site, so it loads quickly and plays without any interruptions. At the end of the video, the reader is brought back to the mobile site’s home page. Touching the featured recipe button, the reader is shown a recipe for Garden Tomato and Basil Soup. From this page, the reader can share the recipe via email. Also on the mobile site is a Facebook Like button. So far, it seems as though almost 9,000 people like what they see on the mobile site.

For the most part, this is a decent 2D campaign. The ad itself provides information on how and where to find a code reader app for those that don’t already have one, and the call to action (Scan here to unlock additional content) is somewhat alluring. From a creative perspective, the QR Code stands out from the main image of the ad, and that’s fine, it still fits in with the overall creative. Why the company chose to use a designer QR Code I am not certain. I say designer, because the modules of this code have been rounded, softened, they are not standard QR modules that are true squares.

With respect to the scan resolve, it makes perfect sense to offer consumers a food recipe that ties in with the product being advertised, but here I felt the promotion fell a bit flat. Why offer just one recipe? Looking at the company’s main website, there is a recipe page that offers dozens and dozens of recipes. Why not link to it or reformat it for mobile use to provide an even greater brand experience?

Also, Frito-Lay has a social responsibility program called “Chip in for Change,” which tells a great story and sends a great message, so why not include that on the mobile site as well? This is not to say that content should be crammed into a scan resole or mobile site just for the sake of providing content, but there should be enough content in the scan resolve and on the mobile site that makes the scan worth the consumer’s time and effort.

If this was the first time that Frito-Lay used 2D technology, which I believe it was, then it was an excellent first effort. From here, the company will hopefully build on a solid foundation and continue to develop quality 2D campaigns and experiences.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: PASS


4 thoughts on “Frito-Lay uses QR Code

  1. I would add that they should have also included a text CTA so they are not alienating 65% of the U.S. population that don't have smartphones that can have a 2D reader. Of the approximately 85mm smartphones there are approximately 20mm readers in market…seems like a lot of consumers that cannont interact with this don't you think?

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