Crocs uses QR Code

A short time ago, shoe manufacturer, Crocs, launched this print advertisement, which features a QR Code. Scan the code and the reader is brought to a very well designed mobile website. Once on the mobile site, the reader of the ad can view any and all products, which are conveniently listed by category and, should the reader wish to purchase a pair of shoes, the mobile site enables purchases.

While the QR Code resolves to a well functioning mobile site, there is nothing more to the campaign than just that. Why not be more engaging, especially if the reader of the ad is a potential new customer? Why not offer a store locator, a mCoupon, product reviews, celebrity endorsements, a link to the company’s blogs or social network pages? If the company and its agency went this far to develop a 2D campaign, why not go a bit further and make it truly remarkable?

Crocs QR Code

As I have previously said, my thought regarding 2D marketing and advertising is not to cram any and every bit of content and functionality into a code scan resolve, but to ensure that there is enough value in the contents of the resolve so as to compensate the reader of the ad for scanning the code. For the same reason I failed Jenn-Air earlier in the week, I’ll fail Crocs on the litmus test too.

Lastly, I would be curious to know if Crocs makes use of QR Codes on packaging and/or in-store.

2D Barcode Strategy Litmus Test: FAIL


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