Shiseido uses Microsoft Tag

Shiseido, the cosmetics manufacturer, has a print advertisement, which features a Microsoft Tag. The call to action for the Tag is well written and reads, “Scan the tag to learn the secret to younger skin through Shiseido Facial Massage.” Motivating enough and the Tag download information helps as well.     

But, as good as the print ad might be, let’s not get carried away, because the 2D experience is lousy. The code scans leads to a 3:30 YouTube video, which provides instructions on how to give oneself a facial massage.

Due to buffering, the video started and stopped a number of times and by about the 1:15 mark it stopped altogether. I tried to replay the video a couple of times and finally got it to play through as intended. When the video ended, my feelings were of disappointment, nothing else. Why? Because I just spent over five minutes to get a video to play, which left me with nothing else to do or experience in regard to the product, brand or company. Even if the video played without a hitch, and I really liked the content of the video and started to believe in the product, I am left holding the bag wondering where I can purchase the company’s products.

After recently reviewing a number of 2D campaigns similar to this, I catch myself asking, is all of this rocket science or is it brain surgery? Why can’t companies get past the interruptions and deliver a well thought out and well executed 2D/mobile campaign, which offers value, benefit and relevance?

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL


One thought on “Shiseido uses Microsoft Tag

  1. Another day, another FAIL.

    I truly believe this is a continuation of last year's approach that advertising agencies took, only now, they are doing it more frequently (more agencies are now playing in the same sandbox).

    This is a print department campaign. Someone (Client or Creative Director) says, “Let's add a QR/2D code to this and see what happens?” Someone says, “We don't have a budget for mobile. The Account Director chimes in and says, “No worries, let's put that video we shot last month up on Youtube, cool eh?”

    They do it.

    There is no involvement from Interactive. There is no involvement from anyone specifically dedicated to mobile. It's all run from Print, who, as speculated by others, don't want to see their budgets cut and shifted to mobile, they want to keep the money flowing where it is tied to their job (in)security.

    OK. That's a whole heckuvalot of speculation.

    But, having worked in agencies and seeing how they operate today, I can see that same scenario playing out time and again. Clients are easily lead. This doesn't cost them anything and they get to say they're doing a QR/2D mobile test.

    The real question is: “What does the Brand Manager say when he tries it out him/her-self and gets the same experience you received?”

    Will they try it again? Will they allocate real money and experienced personnel or vendors to make this work? Will they look for an Agency who understands mobile?

    Or, will they put this all on the backburner and bypass using QR/2D codes for awhile; retain their existing relationships and revert to traditional print ads without a mobile component since it's alot more work?

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