Macy’s Bar III uses QR Code

Macy’s recently ran this full page advertisement in the New York Times to promote the opening of a pop-up store in New York, which will sell the company’s new private-label line called Bar III. Featured in the ad is a QR Code, as well as a piece of artwork that is meant to look like a QR Code.

First, the real QR Code (see image below). When the code is scanned, the reader of the ad is linked to a 29-second video that shows men and women modeling clothes and, at the end, there is information about where the pop-up store is located and the dates that it will be opened. Question to Macy’s marketing/creative team, is this meant to get the reader excited about a brand new line of clothing and have them trek to the Flatiron district in New York City to check it out? What about building a mobile site, a true mobile experience, that gives the reader some background into the creation of the clothes line, interesting interviews with the designers, etc., etc.?

Second, the image of a QR Code (see image below). What was the marketing/creative team thinking when they decided to place this image in the ad? Does Macy’s intend to use QR Codes in ways other than the advertisement (i.e., in-store kiosks/signage or clothes labels/hang tags)? Was this creative team the same that produced the recent JetBlue campaign? It’s an unusual image to place in an ad for clothes and fashion and, while there’s nothing wrong with it, I am just wondering if there is anything else to be meant by it.

Without a whole lot of experience for a reader to experience or interact with in this campaign, other than 29 seconds of commercial video, I wonder how the rest of the Bar III launch is planned.

Aside from all of this, up until now, I have only seen Macy’s make use of JAGTAG in their 2D ads, so I wonder why the shift now.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL


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