Oppenheimer Funds uses QR Code

Oppenheimer Funds, the mutual fund company, has recently launched a print advertisement that features a QR Code. A lot to talk about here.

The print advertisement, as minimal as it may be, promotes the firm’s latest investment theme, globalization. In viewing the ad, a reader has a number of ways to get in touch with the firm to learn more, but the greatest call to action is associated with the QR Code, which reads, “Scan this code to test your global IQ.” When a reader scans the code, they are taken to a mobile web page that goes right into a three or four question multiple choice “test.” At the end of the “test,” the reader is left with a button to touch on, which connects them to a mobile website the likes of which I have yet to see affiliated with a 2D campaign.

The mobile website basically delivers just about every bit of information that a novice or experienced investor would ever need to know about Oppenheimer Funds, as well as the globalization investment theme. From a video on the “New Economic Order” to individual fund fact sheets, from a white paper to risk and disclosure information, this site offers as much as the desktop website. Additionally, the mobile site offers the ability to share the site via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as the ability to find a financial advisor, which is key as the funds are only available through an intermediary.

When I first viewed this campaign, I thought it was overwhelming with respect to the amount of mobile content provided but, then I thought, how great it was in that no stone was left unturned. Having been in the mutual fund business, I am at a loss to know what else Oppenheimer could have done, or is doing, to supply an investor with valuable and timely investment information and/or a reason as to why invest with the firm.

While the creation and maintenance of a mobile website like this must be a great undertaking and investment in its own right, it certainly helps to set the firm a part from the competition…at least for the time being. Also, since the investment industry is so heavily involved with printed collateral (e.g., performance sheets, prospectuses, monthly statements, trade confirmations, etc.), I wonder if 2D is used on a cross or multi channel basis.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: PASS


4 thoughts on “Oppenheimer Funds uses QR Code

  1. A pass! Well done to Oppenheimer Funds for providing a richer experience than most via their QR use.

    There may be some who complain about the complexities of the site, but then how many of them is this aimed at? It could be they discussed a simplified version and rejected it.

    Good stuff.

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