ING uses QR Code

In the New York Post, ING, the financial services company, launched a new advertisement which features a QR Code. The ad is a two-sided insert and was not printed in the newspaper itself. From a creative standpoint, the insert is nicely designed and the company does a good job including a call to action in […]

2D Barcodes and the First Screen

It’s no longer a question or a prediction: Smartphone shipments have finally surpassed personal computer shipments, and the trend is most definitely expected to continue. What’s also less of a question or a prediction is that more people use their mobile phone, smartphone or feature phone, for tasks other than making a phone call. So, […]

Moen Revisited

Last week, I wrote an article about Moen’s Microsoft Tag-based advertisement that was recently launched in Real Simple magazine and, much to my surprise, I received a comment from one of the company’s community representatives. (Question: What is a community representative and how is their job function involved with marketing, advertising and/or technology? Just curious.) […]

PSFK Conference & Mobile Tagging

PSFK, the New York City based trends research and innovation company, will host its fifth annual conference in New York on April 8, 2011, and it gives me great pleasure to announce that the company has invited me to attend as a featured panelist. Joined by fellow panelists Patrick Donnelly (Founder, QRArts), Carlos LaMadrid (Chief […]

Manhattan Mini Storage uses QR Code

Recently, Manhattan Mini Storage launched a campaign here in New York, which features a QR Code. The company has placed a variety of billboards (i.e., the headlines change from one to the next) around the city, primarily on phone booth kiosks. Although there are no scan instructions or information on where to obtain and download […]

Real Simple uses QR Code

In the latest issue of Real Simple magazine, the publisher has placed a full-page advertisement, which promotes the magazine’s newest iPhone, iPad or Android app. When the code is scanned, it auto-detects which store/market the reader of the ad needs to go to in order to download the app, which makes perfect sense. What’s also […]

Citibank Mortgage uses QR Code

Citibank Mortgage has launched a new campaign to promote its rate protection services and featured in the campaign is a QR Code. This billboard was spotted on a New York City phone kiosk. To experience this campaign is to experience the sheer magnitude of the company’s innovative and creative marketing abilities, especially as they relate […]

2D Barcode Reader App Popularity

For any number of reasons, companies, agencies and research analysts want to know how many times a particular 2D barcode reader app has been downloaded by consumers. While I wish these people luck in obtaining that information, because I am most certain the various app providers have it under lock and key, I thought to […]

Who’s the New Kid on the Block?

QR Code? No. Microsoft Tag? No. JAGTAG? No. Try Google Goggles. This advertisement from Buick is the first print campaign that I have seen to make use of Google Goggles. For those not familiar with Google’s platform, Goggles primarily serves the same function as a 2D barcode (i.e., connects the print world with the digital […]

David and Goliath

On Monday night, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Jackie Robinson Foundation dinner, which is the organization’s main fund raising event for the year. In the event program, Cooperstown Get Away, a company that promotes local tourism in and around the Cooperstown, New York area, placed a full-page advertisement which featured a QR […]

Attention SXSW Attendees

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend this year’s SXSW Interactive event, but if I was able to go I would certainly be keeping my eyes open for 2D barcodes. Should you attend and see 2D codes being used in a new or innovative way please send a picture. The best “Pass” and the worse “Fail” […]