Please Don’t Waste Our Time

In this month’s issue of Parenting Magazine, there is an advertisement for Dr. Blaine’s ScarCare Treatment Kit, which features a QR Code. The code is prominently displayed at the bottom of the ad and the copy which accompanies the code provides a decent enough explanation of how to scan the code (“Scan this QR Code with your smartphone.”), as well as a call to action (“Get $3 Rebate Coupon at”). I still would have liked to have seen information on where to find a code reader app, but that’s beside the point, please read on.

When the code is scanned, the reader of the ad is brought to a desktop website page that offers a rebate coupon. Question for our players at home, how is the reader of the ad supposed to print the rebate coupon while making use of his/her mobile device? Am I missing something here? Is there something about using a mobile device as a printer that I am totally in the dark about? Dr. Blaine, anyone, please help.

Once again, what starts out as a promising use of 2D ends up being much less so. Why does the company use 2D since they already provide the URL address for the rebate coupon? Yes, it might save keystrokes, time, etc., but there is absolutely no advantage, let alone an experience, being delivered via the code. Why bother with it? Talk about an interruption and a waste of someone’s time.

Plenty of decent and suitable options/opportunities for the company to use 2D, too bad they missed them all.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL


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