Online use of 2D Barcodes

The Post Game is an online website that provides information about sports and fitness. If you click on the link above, and view the site, you will notice a QR Code prominently displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the website’s mast head. Care to guess where the QR Code takes you? Once scanned, the […]

2D Barcode Adoption Falsehoods

In one article or trend report after another, two reasons are often used to explain why consumers might be slow to accept, and ultimately adopt, 2D barcode technology. The first reason has to do with the fact that there is no universal 2D barcode reader app, and the second reason has to do with the […]

MonoSol uses QR Code

MonoSol, a water-soluble delivery systems company, recently launched a B2B print advertisement using a QR Code. Questions to the company’s marketing team and/or agency: How do you plan to generate qualified sales leads through the QR Code if the code simply resolves to the company’s main website? Was the code placed in the ad to […]

2D Barcode Trend Numbers

Recently, Mobio Identity Systems published a report which stated, “mobile barcode scanning increased by 4,549 percent in the first quarter of 2011 on a year-over-year basis.” Other companies, such as ScanLife and Microsoft, have also reported similar findings (i.e., percentage growth rates in the hundreds or thousands), but what does all of this really mean? […]

How to Define a Sale

From one day to the next, from one week to the next, from one month to the next, whenever I walk past a local New York Sports Club I cannot help but notice the billboard in the health club’s window promoting the latest membership sale. Question to the company’s marketing team: If everyday there is […]

Disney uses Google Goggles

Disney Parks recently launched this eight-page print campaign in Real Simple magazine, which makes use of Google Goggles (GG).  Lots to discuss here. First, when the last page of the ad is scanned using GG, the reader is provided with three options to choose from: 1) Dream Portraits – Behind-the-Scenes, 2) Walt Disney World Resorts […]

Hormel uses QR Code

Hormel, the company that brings us SPAM and a number of other brand name meat products, has placed a QR Code in a Sunday newspaper coupon circular. When the code is scanned, the consumer is brought to a 30-second YouTube video, which provides a quick food recipe using Hormel products. Simple, yes. Remarkable brand/mobile/2D experience, […]

No Coke, Pepsi

On April 28, ScanLife began a new campaign called the “ScanLife Barcode Jackpot.” To promote the campaign, ScanLife sent this email to subscribers on their email distribution list and, perhaps, others received the email as well. To enter and play the Barcode Jackpot, subscribers are instructed to first open or download the ScanLife code reader […]

Glamour Magazine Announces use of SnapTag

Recently, Glamour magazine announced the use of SnapTags in its upcoming September issue. SnapTags work like QR Codes and Microsoft Tags in that they link consumers between the printed world and the digital world but, instead of instantly making the link, consumers need to take a picture of the SnapTag, email or text it to […]