New York Philharmonic uses QR Code

The New York Philharmonic dropped a new direct mail campaign, which features a QR Code. The objective of the mailer is to raise interest in and awareness of the 2011-12 season and to offer consumers the chance to win a new iPad2 in the process.

Through the mailer, a consumer has one of three ways to request information and enter a chance to win an iPad2. The first way is to fill out and mail back the postage-paid reply card. The second way is to scan the QR Code and fill out the requested contact information that appears on the scan resolve landing page. The third way is to go directly to the URL address that is provided on the mailer.  

The campaign is very straight forward and the Philharmonic makes it very simple to understand the call to action and the potential reward for taking such action. The only drawback that I see, as it relates to the scan resolve, is that a consumer has no ability to touch (click) their way to the Philharmonic’s main website. The only touch link that is provided on the landing page is via the logo of the Philharmonic’s corporate sponsor, which is Credit Suisse. When Credit Suisse’s logo is touched the consumer is brought to the bank’s main website.

While I understand the campaign’s objective (i.e., to drive requests for additional information, raise awareness, etc.), why not allow consumers to view information when they want, where they want (i.e., on their mobile device)? Why make consumers wait for the mail to be delivered? Besides, some consumers might wish to learn more about the Philharmonic, but have no interest in trying to win a new iPad2. Thus, there is no need to fill out the contact form.

From a strategic perspective, I believe the organization utilizes and integrates the QR Code well. From a tactical perspective, just a minor tweak or two.

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2 thoughts on “New York Philharmonic uses QR Code

  1. You mention one of the purposes of the campaign was to heighten awareness of the 2011-2012 Philharmonic season. If the QR code doesn't go to their website or their calendar, I say it falls short of it's mission.

  2. Joyce:

    Thank you for the comment. Yes, the QR Code does not resolve directly or indirectly to the organization's website, however, it does make good on the offer of allowing a consumer to provide contact details so that NYP information can be mailed to them. The code does what it is suppose to do, there could have been just one more option to provide an even better experience.

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