MonoSol uses QR Code

MonoSol, a water-soluble delivery systems company, recently launched a B2B print advertisement using a QR Code. Questions to the company’s marketing team and/or agency: How do you plan to generate qualified sales leads through the QR Code if the code simply resolves to the company’s main website? Was the code placed in the ad to help generate sales leads and, if not, then why is it there?

Strategically, tactically, what have you, it appears as though little or no thought has gone into this campaign, and the company and/or its agency has placed a 2D code just for the sake of doing so. If that is the case it’s a shame, because there are some very easy ways for businesses to make use of 2D codes for sales lead generation purposes, all it takes is some thought and consideration.

What also strikes me about this campaign is that although the company bills itself as “the world leader in the water-soluble delivery systems market,” the company has no mobile web presence. The company only has and makes use of a desktop version of its website. Not to single MonoSol out, but there are a number of  “market leaders” or “world leaders” who still have yet to establish a true mobile web presence, so the thought and/or question that goes through my mind is, how much of a leader can they really be in today’s marketplace with no mobile presence or exposure? Just asking.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL


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