Chase uses QR Code

Chase recently launched this print advertisement for its Sapphire card, which features a QR Code. (This is the left-hand page of a two-page spread.) When the code is scanned, dare I say that it resolves to a mobile website? Well, look at that, it sure does. Haven’t seen one of those for a while. Other […]

The Association of Magazine Media – Event Recap

Yesterday, I attended an event hosted by The Association of Magazine Media (MPA), which was part of their ongoing digital series. The event was titled “Digital:Technology” and focused on “how publishers can use technology to better manage magazine content on print and digital platforms.” Part of the day-long conference was spent discussing 2D barcodes and […]

2D Barcodes and Media Buying

The other day, I spotted this billboard from Red Bull and it got me thinking. Why? Because the billboard, which has a QR Code prominently displayed, was located in a New York City subway station with no Internet connection, thus making the code virtually useless. So, what I started to think about was media placement […]

JAGTAG Announces QR Code Contest

Today, JAGTAG announced a new contest whereby marketers can see and judge for themselves why JAGTAG’s QR Code is better than the standard QR Code. The name of the contest is the “JAGTAG QR Code Face Off.” If I may, a couple of comments/questions in relation to the announcement. First, JAGTAG CEO Ed Jordan states, […]

Peapod uses QR Code

Peapod, the online grocery shopping company, recently launched this direct mail campaign which features a QR Code. As mentioned in the code’s call to action/instructions, a consumer can download the company’s smartphone or iPad app by scanning the code. Simple, easy, straightforward. The only comment I would have with respect to the call to action/instructions […]

Tennis Anyone?

This advertisement, which features a QR Code, was recently spotted in The New York Times. Question: Who ran the ad? The United States Tennis Association (USTA), the 2011 U.S. Open, Ticketmaster or American Express? When the code is scanned, the reader of the ad is directed to a U.S. Open page on Ticketmaster’s website, so […]

QR Codes are not Junk…Junk is Junk

On June 9, an article was posted on BNET by Constantine von Hoffmann entitled, “QR Codes: What Happens When You Add Technology To Junk Mail.” It seems as though Mr. Hoffman thought my original comment to his article did not make a strong enough case for why I disagreed with his thoughts, so I would […]