JAGTAG Announces QR Code Contest

Today, JAGTAG announced a new contest whereby marketers can see and judge for themselves why JAGTAG’s QR Code is better than the standard QR Code. The name of the contest is the “JAGTAG QR Code Face Off.”

If I may, a couple of comments/questions in relation to the announcement.

First, JAGTAG CEO Ed Jordan states, “I have often been asked who JAGTAG’s greatest competitor is and I still have the same answer, it’s confusion, confusion in the marketplace over which 2D bar code best delivers results.The JAGTAG QR Face Off contest is our attempt to come to terms with that question and clarify leadership.” Mr. Jordan, if confusion is the greatest competitor then, why are you adding to it? If it was not enough for marketers/creatives, let a lone a consumer, to know the difference between a QR Code, Microsoft Tag, Data Matrix Code and the original JAGTAG, as well as others, now they have to worry and wonder about the JAGTAG version of a QR Code.

Second, it’s interesting to see that a dollar amount was disclosed on the contest’s second place prize (a $6,000 value), but not on the first place prize. Why not? Wouldn’t a company like to know the potential prize value for winning the whole enchilada?

Third, when I click on the contest’s URL in the press release, I come to a page with a JAGTAG QR Code and a standard QR Code (see image above). When I scan the JAGTAG QR Code on the left, I am brought to a 20-second video about the company which, from a 2D best practice perspective, does very little to drive B2B business and/or generate a qualified sales lead. When I scan the standard QR Code on the right, I am brought to the company’s main website home page, which 1) is not mobile optimized and 2) does very little to motivate a company/agency to get involved with the contest. Shouldn’t the code platforms lead by example? 

Fourth, if the term “JAGTAG QR Code” is used to define the offering, what does Denso Wave have to say about it?

Lastly, the phrase “the U.S. leader in mobile 2D barcode advertising” is used to describe the company in the press release. On what is the determination of leader being based? In the campaigns that I have seen, and I have seen many, JAGTAG-based campaigns fall way behind QR Code-based campaigns.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of the contest. Stay tuned.


One thought on “JAGTAG Announces QR Code Contest

  1. Another item in their press release:

    “the only QR code in the world that can be scanned or sent”

    Over a year ago other companies offered QR codes with an option to send them via shortcode and keyword MMS or email for server-side resolve. The process is painful and hardly a selling point since it's a zillion times faster to type in a short URL than to jump through these hoops or clutter up an ad with “or do this, or this, or this” instruction. The point is, Jagtag is not the only QR code that can be sent via email or MMS for server side resolve. Anyone who follows this business knows this. They need new copywriters or a new angle to differentiate themselves.

    I like Jagtag. They lead the way last year with one of the first really big, national code campaigns. But, they fell into their own Catch-22 of trying to reach all devices during a time when the market and ad dollars pivoted to apps and some to mobile web.

    I'm sure Jagtag are struggling with their own future. It's surprising they haven't partnered or acquired mobile content partners or expanded their technology to offer hybrid campaigns based on image recognition? Instead they keep playing their one-card trick of mobile video delivery via MMS that seems like an ad format from another decade, which, it was.

    Jagtag's new QR design, so that it's not instantly recognizable as a QR code, doesn't do anyone any good. I would like to see Jagtag emerge as one of the leading mobile marketing service companies. They seem to be holding onto too many concepts from their early days. Time to shed, pivot and emerge post-metamorphoses as something new and relevant for the next 5 years. Jettisoning founding concepts is one of those tough-love things. But these days if you've been in business for a few years there's a good chance you'll need to reinvent yourself from the ground up.

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