Please Consider the User Experience

Contemporary Galleries, a Louisville, Kentucky-based furniture store, recently launched an out-of-home campaign featuring a QR Code. Questions for the company’s marketing team: What scan and/or response rate do you plan to get from this road-side billboard? Do you expect car traffic to come to a screeching halt just to scan the code? Do you expect people to cross the street or walk up and down the sidewalk just to get a fix on the code with their reader app? And, lastly, do you expect consumers who do take the time to scan the code to be so enthralled with the 40-second self-promotional corporate video scan resolve that they are going to come flocking to your store?

To know that people have gone out of their way to scan this code, and that they are a captured audience, would it be so terrible if you offered some sort of discount or incentive for them to visit the store and actually shop for furniture? What? There is a special offer? Oh right, at the very end of the video, a message appears, (see special offer following video), but nothing actually follows. There is no special offer that I can find. So, now what?

The company has people who have gone all this way to scan the code, watch the video and be left with nothing. Why? First and foremost, not sure how well the company tested the code and/or video. Second, not sure how well the company thought about the overall user experience. Third, not sure how well the company thought about setting and helping to manage consumer expectations with respect to the code and the scan.

Chances are the company will be able to garner some local media attention/buzz surrounding the use of the code but, other than that, I really wonder what the objectives of this campaign were and if they will be met.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL


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