Indie 103.1 uses Designer QR Code

Indie 101.3, a Los Angles-based radio station, has started to advertise using designer QR Codes. This particular code, which was crafted by Warbasse Design, resolves to a mobile website where people can listen to the Bob Forrest show “All Up In The Interweb.”

The advertisement provides solid instructions on what to do regarding the code and where to go in order to download a free QR Code reader app. Once on the mobile website (see image below to right), people can choose from one of three buttons (Listen, Learn, Connect). The Listen button enables people to play the streaming audio of the radio show. The Learn button provides information about Bob Forrest. And, the Connect button enables people to send an email to Bob. Also on the mobile website are buttons which link to the radio station’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

As more and more companies are interested in streaming audio content to a mobile device, 2D codes are one way to make the connection and deliver the content.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: PASS


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