Allure Magazine’s 200K Scans in 3 Days

Last year, Allure magazine featured about 36 Microsoft Tags in its August “Free Stuff” issue and received about 444,000 code scans (see article). This year, Allure placed 33 Tags in the August issue, same premise (i.e., free stuff), and it was recently reported that, in just three days time, the magazine has gotten 200,000 code scans. If this pace continues, last year’s record of 444,000 scans will be broken.

While I have little doubt that last year’s number will be surpassed, and that Microsoft and Allure will both hang their hats on this campaign, what I would like to know is 1) of the 200,000 scans this year, or the 444,000 scans last year, how many were done by the same person/same mobile device, 2) given the number of unique magazine readers/ Tag scanners, what’s that number versus the magazine’s circulation, which is pegged at over one million, and 3) how has the use of Tags increased magazine sales, this year and/or last year? It’s one thing to claim a high rate of scans, it’s another to know exactly how many people are behind the scans and how sales have been effected by the use of 2D technology.

Certainly a campaign like this benefits the companies providing the free merchandise, but I wonder just how much Allure gets out of it. If anything, I suppose they get some free publicity from the stories that are written based on the campaign.

If anyone from Microsoft Tag or Allure cares to chime in please do. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Allure Magazine’s 200K Scans in 3 Days

  1. Hi Roger –
    Those are some great questions you are asking. The Allure campaign has been a big hit, and as far as we know has generated the most scans of any campaign.

    In regards to a few of your questions, it will be up to Allure to release their scan numbers so not much I can do from the Tag side of things to answer your question in that regard.
    In terms of increasing sales, the effort generates leads and usage data that ultimately can be used to increase sales. To get a more in-depth answer I would be happy to see if I can put you in contact with a representative from Allure that may be able to fill in some gaps regarding their business objectives.

    Nick Martin
    Online Community Manager
    Microsoft Tag

  2. Just scanned the Allure ad – the landing page is mobile-friendly in its presentation, which is good – but are people really going to fill in so many data fields on a mobile form?

    I think you hit the nail on the head when bringing up that we need to know how many of these scans actually resulted in lead generation. A more effective way in my opinion would be to just ask for the email address of the user and follow up with a form to fill out when next at a computer or laptop.

    Thanks for posting this example, Roger; it is a great conversation starter in relation to its approach and goals.

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