Pillsbury uses Mobile Barcode

Recently, Pillsbury used a QR Code in a Sunday newspaper coupon circular, and it’s great to find a campaign that actually works well and delivers.

First, the company does it right by providing copy next to the code that 1) serves as a call-to-action (“Find Your Favorite Pillsbury Recipes on our New Mobile Website”), 2) tells the reader of the circular what to do with the code (“Scan this QR code with your smartphone or visit m.pillsbury.com), and 3) informs the reader about a code reader app (“You may need to download a QR Reader app”). With respect to item number three, this is the first time I have seen an advertiser write “may need to download a QR Reader app” and I mention this because, for no other reason, it shows that the company is in tune with the target audience, as well as the technology.

Second, the scan resolve goes to a mobile website that lists a wide variety of recipes that are well categorized and easy to sort through. Also listed is information about the company’s Bake-Off Contest and cooking products.

Third, although the QR Code is not as simple as it could be, it is large enough to be easily spotted and scanned (see related article). 

Simple in its approach, yes, but that’s because the campaign and the mobile website/experience doesn’t need to be any more complex than it has to be. Is value being delivered via the code/experience, yes, if you are searching for food recipes, product information and customer reviews. The only component of the campaign that I might have changed was the way coupons are being offered. On the left and right edge of the coupon circular, Pillsbury offers a total of six coupons to be clipped and used. Why not provide mCoupons, and bring the mobile aspect/experience that much further? It seems as though the company is making a big enough push for its new mobile site, this would add one more dimension and way to interact. Just a thought.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: PASS


4 thoughts on “Pillsbury uses Mobile Barcode

  1. Cant get it to scan since it is too dense. This is such a simple thing to fix and don't understand how they screwed that up.

  2. While this may fulfill the technical criteria to garner a “pass,” I don't believe it succeeds on a creative or user level.

    The QR code appears to be associated with the “earn cash for your school” call to action, as both are against the colored background. That is the first impression and it is not what the QR code is about at all.

    Placing the QR's call to action against the white background and QR instructions against pink is a visual disconnect. It may have all the right verbiage, but visually it's a disorganized mess and will confuse many.

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