Best 2D Barcode Campaign for 2011

With just three months left in the year, which 2D barcode-based campaign will rise above all others and be selected as the Best Campaign for the Year?

To date, only a handful of campaigns have passed my 2D Barcode Litmus Test and, if past is preview,  I do not expect to find many more winning campaigns (i.e., those that pass the litmus test) over the next three months to add to the list and make a selection from. So, to all of you advertisers and agencies out there looking to incorporate 2D technology into your advertising or packaging, etc., prove me wrong and show me that your campaign is worthy of winning the title “Best Campaign of the Year” and the $250,000 check that goes along with it (you know that’s a joke, right?).

If you are an advertiser or agency that would like to submit your campaign for review and consideration, please send an email with images of the advertisement or packaging, a brief overview of the campaign/strategy and the results of the campaign if they can be disclosed. Because I only see a tiny fraction of the total number of campaigns out in the marketplace, it would be great if I had that many more campaigns to review and consider.

In mid-December, I will start the review process and, by the end of the month, a winner will be announced. For the campaigns that have already passed the litmus test and those that make their way to the “pass” column over the next three months, good luck and may the best campaign win.

Thank you in advance for any additional submissions. Any questions, comments or suggestions, please let me know.


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