Bertazzoni uses QR Code

Recently, Bertazzoni, the Italian kitchen equipment manufacturer, launched this ad which features a QR Code. As beautiful as the ad creative/design is (although the code lacks a call-to-action, description, instruction, etc.), in addition to the product itself, much less so can be said about the 2D/mobile experience. Why? Because there is none. 

When scanned, the code brings the reader of the ad to the desktop version of a deep page on the company’s website, a page that doesn’t not even appear correctly on a mobile phone, or at least not on mine. So kudos to the company for wanting to try 2D technology in a print ad, but shame on the company’s marketing/creative team for not thinking through the 2D/mobile experience from end to end, strategically and tactically, and not offering consumers or kitchen designers something, anything, of value or benefit.

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL


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