Who Will Be The 500th Member?

As of this morning, there were 499 members in the LinkedIn group that I created and manage, 2D Barcode Strategy & Creative. Who will make it 500?

Several months ago, I started the group as an offshoot of this blog, so that others interested in all things 2D barcodes could more easily ask questions, start discussions, learn from others and help others by providing expert opinion and knowledge. Based on the feedback that I have gotten, it appears as though the group has made good on all of these accounts.

With members from all over the globe, representing a number of industries and professions, perhaps you would find membership in the group to be of use and benefit for the work you do. If anything, group membership provides a means to further your professional and/or LinkedIn network Hope to see you there.

If you are already a 2D Barcode Strategy & Creative member, thank you for your interest and support.


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