Brandwashed Revisited

In August, I wrote an article about a magazine advertisement for Brandwashed, a new book by Martin Lindstrom, which featured a QR Code. As ineffective as I thought that QR Code-based campaign was, this new QR Code-based out-of-home campaign is just as ineffective. Here’s why.  First, as shown in the image below, the out-of-home billboard […]

Kroll uses QR Code

This B2B print advertisement, which features a QR Code, comes from Kroll, the risk consulting company. With a simple “Ask us about…” call-to-action and nothing ground-breaking in the way of scan resolve content, this campaign delivers very little to the target audience (if there is one) and, I assume, will accomplish even less for the […]

Coach uses QR Code

Recently, Coach launched this print advertisement, which I found on the back cover of New York magazine (read: expensive media placement). Featured in the advertisement, in the lower left-hand corner, is a QR Code. When the code is scanned, the reader of the advertisement is linked to a mobile website (hooray, it’s been a long […]

Bulova uses QR Code

Recently, Bulova, the watch company, launched this print advertisement using a QR Code. The code appears next to the gutter of the publication, not an ideal location for being noticed and/or scanned, and underneath the code a caption reads, “Visit us on Facebook.” Next to the QR Code is a Facebook logo. When the code […]