Customer Service…The Way It Should Be

Last week, the wristband on my four-year-old Luminox 3100 Series watch broke in two. Because the band broke for no apparent reason, I thought this most odd and decided to send an email to the co-CEOs of the company explaining the situation. (I tire of dealing with offshore, outsourced, non American English speaking customer service call center representatives and, maybe, if CEOs called their company’s call center every so often they would too.)

Much to my surprise, the very next day (the company is based in Switzerland, so there is a legitimate time lapse), I received an email from one of the co-CEOs apologizing for what had happened and that he would personally see to it that the situation would be rectified. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Today, less than a full week after my original email, I received a follow-up email from the company’s director of U.S. operations saying that tomorrow, I can expect a package with a replacement strap and, get this, a free ball cap.

What starts out as a less than desirable brand experience (i.e., the wristband breaking) has now turned into a positive brand experience, which is accomplished by 1) acknowledging the situation and quality defect, 2) taking ownership and responsibility to fix the problem and 3) implementing a quick and meaningful solution. Not at all difficult, but for some companies they simply don’t get it and fail miserably at delivering customer service…the way it should be.


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