Bulova uses QR Code

Recently, Bulova, the watch company, launched this print advertisement using a QR Code.

The code appears next to the gutter of the publication, not an ideal location for being noticed and/or scanned, and underneath the code a caption reads, “Visit us on Facebook.” Next to the QR Code is a Facebook logo.

When the code is scanned, the reader of the advertisement is brought to the company’s Facebook page, and I ask the players at home, why? If the reader of the advertisement is interested in learning more about this particular watch, why does the company send them to a Facebook page where specific product information is non-existent or, at best, difficult to find? Also, if the reader just happens to be interested in purchasing the watch at first glance, this too cannot be done off the Facebook page. All in all, not the best use of a QR Code.

To me, this example shows how a company creates an advertisement, or rather a QR Code experience, without the consumer in mind. Sure a consumer can learn about the company and its products via a Facebook page, but a Facebook page should not be viewed as a substitute for the main corporate website, where the process of learning about and/or purchasing a product is that much more straightforward and easier.

As an aside, why do company’s continue to place social icons (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube) in their advertisements without the corresponding URL addresses? It’s one thing to inform consumers that the company is active in/on social networks, but isn’t it another to force consumers to have to hunt down the web page. Would people know that Adidas’ Facebook page is titled “adidasoriginals” or North Sails is “NorthSailsUSA”? Or, is it just me? 

2D Barcode Litmus Test: FAIL


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